Area of Usage of the Product, Transportation and Storage

  • Water Treatment
  • Industrial Waste Water Clarification
  • Decolourant
  • Pool Chemicals

Dispatched in bulk with tankers or PE containers (1000 liter)

Usage and storage:
It is recommended to storage in a cool (20 C), dry and and well ventilated stored air conditions.
The Polyaluminum Chloride Hydroxide Sulphate (PACS) needs to be stored ideally in plastic (PE, PP, PVC) or in fiberglass kegs.
In case of choosing other types of tanks, (like steel, galvanized plate) they need to be covered against corrosion.

Safety measures
There must be safety shower and eyewash at the transportation and storage area. At the storage area, there must be also air ventilation system, in order to minimize the hazards.