Decolorant Coagulant Agent used at industrial waste water treatment plants.

The cationic structured ACH-CR-0250 is used as decolorant in waste water treatment. Decoloring through flocculation, ACH-CR-0250 can be used easily without incurring additional costs. It binds the color pigments contained in water and transforms them into water-insoluble complex components. The so formed flocks are turned to a more easily precipitated form by means of an auxiliary electrolyte, so that paint can be separated from water. The waste in sludge form can either be stored or disposed by being burnt.

ACH-CR-0250 is suitable for all combined applications with inorganic coagulants. It can be dosed with existing coagulants.

ACH-CR-0250 can be diluted in desired concentrations. ACH-CR-0250 is also effective in BOI and KOI elimination.