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  • ACH will become a nationally and internationally recognized brand in the area in which the aluminum salts are used and be a pioneer in developing products that give more added value to the sector.

  • To be an innovative institution where humans and the environment live in harmony and strive where the expectations of customers far exceeds the perceptions.

  • Customer satisfaction has the top priority. Research and development is the foundation of the quality. Transparency, honesty, competitiveness and our pioneering spirit are all part of our ACH culture.

ACH Inorganic Chemicals

     ACH was founded in 2007 to manufacture PACS (Polyaluminum Chloride Hydroxide Sulphate) in Bursa, Turkey. We are the first manufacturer in Turkey to manufacture PACS with 19.5% AI203 and a basicity of 83%. Our company has achieved these results through nanotechnology R&D and is continuously developing the production technology and product quality. It also applies nanotechnology R&D with the production of ACH (Aluminium Hydroxide Chloride) that was first begun in Turkey in 2010. Our R&D Department is developing new products and working relentlessly in compliance with the needs of the market and our customers.

     Our company always pursues the satisfaction of the customer. Before recommending a chemical solution, during the on-site sample testing procedures, we offer our customers the technical assistance and expertise of our professional engineering staff. This collaboration enables us to understand our customers' specific needs properly and develop the most economically advantageous solution at the right time.

     We deliver competitive advantage to our customers across a wide range of industrial, municipal and commercial sectors. Still, our products are especially used in drinking water and waste-water treatment plants. They lower the energy consumption, the cost of energy, labour, maintenance, and control the chemical sludge making the way the plants operate more profitable and efficient. Thus, our company adds value not only to the country’s economy, but also contributes to reduce pollution.

     In addition, our new product, ACH is used in swimming pools. With our continued commitment to research and product development we conduct research on non-flammable chemicals and descaling chemicals. At the same time our product modification will make new opportunities to offer our products to be used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and paper industry.